• Cianne Van Eck Duymaer Van Twist


'That thing with the sucky machines that makes your fat melt'

We hear that- A LOT.

While HYPOXI is certainly an effective tool in achieving fat loss, its not as simple as that- a 'sucky machine' sounds like a magic pill.

HYPOXI is a science- based program combining exercise, technology and nutrition designed to enhance your circulatory and lymphatic systems to achieve specific goals.

EXERCISE: 30 minute vacuum-enhanced sessions to improve circulation of blood and lymph fluid through targeted areas of the body

NUTRITION: Sustainable, healthy, anti-inflammatory in approach and an on-the-day methodology to maximise treatment outcomes. Read more below

TECHNOLOGY: HYPOXI's iconic and most sought after approach to changing the game when it comes to results. The scientists behind this program combined cupping and compression therapies to stimulate the bodies systems to clean out inflammation and more effectively access hard-to-reach cells repairing and targeting from the inside out.

The HYPOXI device family: L250, S120, HDC, VACUNAUT

This means that HYPOXI is not just a fat loss 'sucky' program, it helps clients to:

- Clean up their sluggish lymph system, the one responsible for waste disposal, immune function and more. Also can be responsible for those stubborn fat pockets. Read more on your lymphatic system here.

- Reduce bloat and fluid retention; a biggie for peri-menopausal, menopausal, lipo and lymph-impacted clients. The near-instant relief for symptoms that make life uncomfortable (puffiness, heat retention, swelling/heavy legs, flushing and regularity to name a few!).

- HYPOXI also helps to improve mobility around joints as the technology reduces EXCESSIVE surrounding fluid, coupled with the gentle and controlled exercise- this is a great option to accelerate towards a re-strengthening program.