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TIPS for staying active and healthy during lockdown

An opinion piece by Studio Owner, Cianne Van Eck Duymaer Van Twist (BDes, MMgt, Adv. HYPOXI, POLESTAR Studio)

What a time to be alive! The world is in a spin; your routine has all but gone and perhaps you have found yourself out-of-office and working from home, navigating kids, schooling, Zoom, re-thinking your social plans, even your approach to essential shops. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, its that health is precious. Now more than ever is a great time to invest and nourish for a healthier you. What does that even mean, I hear you say...

Well, health is a broad term, in fairness. It covers everything from sleep to social, diet and training, mental to physical.

We have this conversation at the studio with all of our clients new and old- it helps us to paint a real picture of change and understanding why you came to us in the first place, and what habits/behaviours are catalyst to the goals/concerns you have. It also makes sure our expectations are aligned and that your goals and action plan are sustainable, AND that we can indeed support you effectively.

So where do we start? Well, here at HEILEN, we start with the following:

1: VISUALISATION. What do you look like as a healthier self? More organised? More movement? Better sleep? less stressed? Perhaps write a few of these vision down.

2: GOAL SETTING. Ok, let's create some actions around these visualisations, what can you do/not do/change, when can you do it and what is keeping you accountable? Write those down and literally schedule it in.

Give yourself a reason to get out of bed, something to work towards, that rewards you with achievement, confidence, happiness...health!

VOILA! You have an action plan. It's time to do the work, start somewhere (literally anywhere- even if its a 5 minute walk out of the house, or choosing to make your dinner instead of ordering fast food) and enjoy the fact you're (finally!!) doing something about improving your health practice. HERE ARE SOME OF OUR FAVOURITE HEALTH GOALS AS SHARED BY OUR CLIENTS

1. Eat Fresh & Support Local Your local independent grocers, butchers and bakers are filled with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, whole-food bread and pasta, and meats- often locally sourced! Try taking a discovery walk and be inspired by the friendly and passionate service you get from your neighbours. If you’re in need of recipes, join our social page here where you can socialise with like minded health-getters, design your own meal plans, explore recipes with calories already calculated and tailor shopping lists rich with anti-inflammatory, flavourful ideas. 2. Sleep Longer There are so many benefits to a good nights' sleep (increased energy, better mood, exercise performance and recovery, cognitive ability, just to start!). It is SO easily overlooked when trying to fit everything in, and the stress of a lifestyle change will only add to the pile of ‘what keeps us awake’. Try a new sleep routine; go to bed earlier, rise a little later, have a power nap during the day. Try white noise to sleep with, or aromatherapy, declutter your bedroom, even take the technology out. Our favourite hack is a power nap in the HYPOXI HDC suit- 20 minutes of compression and cupping to detox the body and relax the mind- you can try a series here for $49. 3. Move More We get it- big gyms are not for everyone cup-of-tea and the very mention of exercise is enough to raise a sweat for some! There are so many ways to move though, and it’s a vital part of your health picture- please don't skip this step! Try different classes (we offer live Pilates and stretch classes via our Facebook page- classes are free and for all fitness levels (fun one to get the kids involved!), or partner up with your household and explore together, get out in the sun and take advantage of being near parks, walkways and beaches.

Here at HEILEN, we recommend a combination of strength and conditioning, as well as cardio- and above all we recommend low-impact workouts, and smart workouts that speak specifically to your goals, that you ENJOY. Don't think you have time for a workout? You should try HYPOXI’s S120- you can work your emails AND nail a workout all at once. 4. Think Mindfully It’s easy to forget creating headspace for checking in with yourself.

(As a small-business owner with a fully-closed business during this pandemic, this is a big one for me!) How are you feeling? What's all the noise about? How can we filter it and shift our outlook, focus, sense-of-self and/or happiness? Meditation is a buzzword right now for a reason, but you don't have to be Gandhi and ‘ground’ yourself on a rug for an hour to get it right! Meditation can be as simple as having 5 quiet minutes in your day to mindfully have a conversation with yourself. Maybe its a walk around the block without your phone or company, or sitting with a blank paper and journalling or listing your thoughts. There are apps like Calm and Headspace for a guided meditation- you can use these while doing your HYPOXI HDC suit if you want to bio-hack your nap/meditation and detoxing into a very productive 20mins! At HEILEN, we host stretch classes, yoga and meditation workshops- you can try any 3 classes for $49 here, or pop in casually here. There you have it! A little pep-talk to get you thinking and hopefully inspired to make changes today to kick-start your healthier life, whatever that means for you. Remember its not about the destination, but the process of little wins along the way. Dont let slip ups and setbacks stop you from long term success- remember your vision and revisit the action plan, or connect with us in our Facebook group for support. For more inspiration, check out our Instagram, Facebook or visit our studio to chat with our coaches.

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