• Cianne Van Eck Duymaer Van Twist

THE HYPOXI SCIENCE 3: Independent Study at Salzburg University, 2007

In 2007, the executive council of the Department of Sport science and Kinesiology, University Salzburg, Austria, oversaw a comprehensive study into the validity of HYPOXI as a fat reduction technology.

The team comprised of:

- Univ. Prof Dr Erich Müller

- Mag Eva Tischer

- Mag Elisabeth Löberbauer-Purer

- Dr Nanna Meyer, Salt Lake City Utah (Nutritionist)

- Mag Judith Haudum Mag Elisabeth Sinnegger

- Univ Prof Dr Serge von Duvillard, Texas

- Univ Asst Dr Susanne Ring-Dimitriou

PARAMETERS OF THE STUDY (random/blind and/or double-blind) 4 groups of test people were selected – 1 control group (C) and 3 groups were all placed on the same diet. A nutrition program slightly reduced in calories (individually Calculated RMR) was composed and monitored by nutritionist, Dr Nanna Meyer.

Group 1: HNC (HYPOXI training 3x/week + nutrition program)

Group 2: P (Conventional ergo meter training with the HYPOXI-Trainer but without low and high pressure as well + nutrition program) – the Placebo Group

Group 3: N (nutrition program without training) Nutrition Group

Group 4: C (without any intervention) Control Group


Using the DEXA measurement technique (Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry to an accuracy of measurement +/- 0,5% at the hospital “Landeskrankenanstalten Salzburg”), the team made the following findings:

- The group undertaking HYPOXI treatments (Group 1) achieved a 264% greater reduction in subcutaneous fat deposits in specific locations than that achieved with diet alone (Group 3).

- The group undertaking HYPOXI treatments (Group 1) experienced a 60% greater reduction in subcutaneous fat deposits in the lower body than those people in the placebo group undertaking conventional training (Group 2).

- Positive changes in skin appearance and cellulite were observed – the subjective evaluation of the team rated the effects of HYPOXI 400% better than the effects of diet and training.

Prof Dr Müller concluded: “Low intensive training with the HYPOXI Trainer S120 in combination with an individual well-balanced diet within 12 weeks results in a very high reduction of body weight and mainly affects the adipose. The reduction in targeted a dispose is also shown to improve the subjective cognition of the skin…”

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