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THE HDC SUIT - An Essential part of HYPOXI Therapy

Updated: Jan 12


The Hypoxi Dermology suit (HDC suit) operates similarly to cupping massage with 400 pressure chambers strategically placed around the stomach, buttocks, hips thighs and knees. Our advanced vacuum technology then stimulates the disposal of lymph fluid and accumulated toxins from your connective and fatty tissue.

The dialogue surrounding HYPOXI treatments places a strong emphasis on aesthetic benefits such as reduced cellulite and glowing skin. While these can be great side-effects, the internal benefits are even more impressive. The HDC suit will help you feel more energised and improve your digestion, circulation and metabolic rate. It will also help to reduce bloating, inflammation and water retention, alleviate constipation and help you sleep better. Post-treatment, you’ll feel lighter and very thirsty, so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day to ensure your body continues to flush out all of the toxins through your urine. 


If blood flow is stimulated to a specific area of your body, your fatty acids metabolise faster in that area. Dr Norbert Egger, the brains behind HYPOXI, found that exercise speeds up this process thus came up with the idea for the HYPOXI machines which stimulate circulation to problem areas using high and low pressure vacuum technology. Used on its own, the HDC suit provides numerous benefits, however when combined with other training devices (the L250, S120 or Vacunaut) you can achieve accelerated results.


The operation of alternating high and low pressure chambers in the HDC suit acts as the perfect pre-curser treatment to other HYPOXI training devices to provide an abundance of benefits: reduced inflammation, disposal of lymph fluid and toxins, improved dermal tissue, skin tone and skin texture, cellulite reduction and targeted fat loss in even the most stubborn cases.

The HDC suit is a passive treatment, you are completely relaxed with no movement required. This is a fantastic option for those who are unable to exercise due to injury. At HEILEN, we provide noise cancelling headphones and peaceful music with the option to add vibration and heat therapy to enhance outcomes.

You can experience the HDC suit for yourself now! We currently offer an introductory special for all new clients: try any 3 HYPOXI treatments for just $49. Link to book is below:


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