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What to eat, do and wear on your HYPOXI days

Updated: Mar 16

The do's and dont's to ensure successful treatments.

Congratulations on taking this step in your health journey! HYPOXI is truly a unique massage and movement combination that offers very effective outcomes- from fat loss, to fluid management, lymphatic stimulation/flushing, to skin conditioning, muscle regeneration and more. You are going to love each session and discover a lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable and empowering. Woohoo!

To make sure you feel comfortable, we have put together a 'hotlist' of tips that will help you feel prepared and comfortable for your visits and throughout the program.

Tip #1 - Pack a bag!

Here at HEILEN, we give you a welcome kit to ensure you are equipped- this includes a bag, our contact details, a QR code for our website to find this blog, and a pair of cotton gloves if you are doing the HDC treatments.

We get you are time poor and organisation is key! Use this bag and pop in a few pairs of socks, your trainers, a pair of full-length tights and a long-sleeve top (no embellishments, zippers etc). We recommend leaving your jewellery at home, but bring some headphones if you like- we have iPads loaded with entertainment for your exercise treatments.

The HDC suit requires you to be completely covered from the neck down- this is for sefety and hygiene reasons and we proudly adhere is keeping our devices, props and space in immaculate condition for you. If you arrive without adequate clothing, unfortunately we are unable to treat.

For the other equipment, you can wear comfortable activewear as you please- we only ask no singlets (again- hygiene).

Tip #2 - Arrive Early!

Plan to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your treatment start time. There plenty of parking on Mooramba Road, or over in DY Grand Shopping precinct, we are a 5 minute walk from the Dee Why junction.

You'll need that time to say hi to your Coach and friends, pop your belongings away, use the toilet/changeroom, sanitize your hands, have some water and ensure your attire is suitable/ready for treatment.

Once you are ready, feel free to take a seat at reception, or head over to your device with your Coach if its ready for you.

Tip #3 - Follow the food protocol

We wrote a blog on HYPOXI tips for success- we highly recommend reading through. On there, we explain what to eat and drink and when on your HYPOXI days.

In a nutshell:

  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your treatments

  • No eating or drinking (except water) 1-2 hours prior to treatment and for 2 hours post treatment

  • Avoid carbohydrates 1-2 hours prior to treatment and for 6 hours post treatment (unless you are medically required to do so).

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine on HYPOXI treatment days

  • Avoid exertive movement 4 hour prior and post treatment (walking, gentle yoga, etc is OK)

  • Manage your calories to ensure deficit if fatloss is part of your goals

  • Consume anti-inflammatory foods- read here for more

  • Get plenty of sleep and manage stress (you can use the HDC treatment to catch up on your Zzz's and practice your meditation!)

Tip #4 - Running late? Feeling unwell?

Please message the studio as soon as you can on 0407 775 776 to let them know- with enough notice we can reschedule your session!

Not letting us know makes us worry about you! It may also result in forfeiture of the treatment/s per our membership policy.

Further questions? We are here for you.

Your Coaches are here for you and we want to to get the best possible results- a healthier you inside and out! If you have questions, come across challenges or need support, feel free to chat with us next time you are in the studio or email us at hello@heilenwellness.com.au.

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