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Here is everything you need to know about nutrition and lifestyle with HYPOXI treatments to ensure you get the best results.

Welcome! You have made a great decision to empower yourself with all the tips and tricks to ensure your time at HEILEN doing HYPOXI treatments is worth it. Whether you are here for weight loss (be it fat, bloat or fluid) or recovery, HYPOXI is designed to enhance your bodies own systems- reducing inflammation, enhancing circulation and lymphatic flow and most importantly ensuring a healthy balanced lifestyle that will have you looking good, feeling better and moving right.


More for our fat loss friends, is understanding the importance of a calorie deficit. We wrote an entire blog on this. Highly recommended read and will only take 2 minutes of your time.

2: Carbohydrates

The 'white elephant' in the room. Carbs are GOOD for you and HYPOXI is NOT about cutting them out. A lot of fibrous and vitamin/mineral-rich foods, such as starchy vegetables (think pumpkin and corn), grains and seeds, are carb-loaded but offer plenty of benefits and it would be silly and even detrimental to cut them out completely.

That said, we do have a 'break' from carbohydrates intake around your treatments to ensure your lymph system and your circulatory system focus on what were are treating you for- from fat metabolism to waste/fluid elimination, because carbohydrates can quickly and temporarily affect the systems responsible for this.

We recommend enjoying carbohydrates on your non-HYPOXI treatment days to make it simple, otherwise 2 hours prior to treatment and 6 hours post treatment on your HYPOXI days. Below is a HYPOXI day broken down for you.

3: Caffeine

We also love it- coffee and tea is a ritual for our Coaches too, so we time our caffeine fixes around our HYPOXI treatments or vice versa. Caffeine is a diuretic, and it can be inflammatory, hence we recommend not consuming caffeine 2 hours prior to treatment and 6 hours post treatment. If you have caffeine on your HYPOXI days, please ensure you drink plenty of water to help your system process and hydrate.

4: Fasting

From a treatment perspective, 2 hours post treatment we recommend avoiding all food and drink except for water (and lots of that!). Outside of that it's really up to you and your goals and needs. Fasting can help you achieve a calorie deficit, it can help you focus on water intake and can help you reduce bloat or indigestion, however for some its more beneficial to eat evenly across the day, from mood stability to blood-sugar levels, so speak to your HYPOXI Coach if you are considering fasting, or your nutritionist, dietician or health practitioner (who is qualified to assist and support on dietary needs).

5: Hydration

This is a big one. Adequate hydration is critical for all your bodily systems to operate optimally. Especially if you are using HYPOXI treatments for weightloss, recovery or shaping. Unsurprisingly, we find most of our clients are not consuming enough water, the intake needs are different for everyone- based on physiology, output, environment and a few other factors (see table below). We recommend this calculator for your personal assessment, otherwise as a general guide, we recommend consuming an additional 1.5-2L of water on your HYPOXI treatment days- to assist with flushing your system.

Sixth tip: Sleep

Good quality and quantity of sleep. It has such a positive impact on your health- mood stability, energy levels and stability of blood sugars, inflammation processing and your endocrine system, tolerance to stress and ability to focus, there's more but you probably get the point. We recommend a healthy sleep routine for optimal results. (We also acknowledge that our mums, dads and shift workers are trying their best to get good sleep, to to help you we have the amazing HDC treatments coupled with noise cancellation and sonic music designed to help you rest during treatment- anything helps!)

Seventh tip: Exercise

HYPOXI is a great, low-impact training tool and can be done on its own, however we love the benefits you get from a good strength and mobility workout (like Pilates- of which we offer). Exercise should be done to help you reach your goals but in a balanced and enjoyable way- please dont force yourself to run or spin like a chore for the sake of trying to lose weight. There are many more enjoyable ways to move and benefit your goals- just speak to your HYPOXI Coach!

HYPOXI is a physio-designed program, so for clients seeking injury prevention and recovery, or those new to exercise after a break, we recommend no other exercise on HYPOXI days (besides a nice walk or gentle stretch). For everyone else, its a 4 hour break before and after your HYPOXI treatments, so that your body is rested and ready to benefit from the program, and that it continues to benefit post-treatment.

For further handy information and tips, explore our blog and follow us on Instagram @heilenaus

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