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Mindful Morning Strategies

Ever feel really anxious or overwhelmed in the mornings?  


I wanted to share tips for morning anxiety because it is one of the most noticeable energies that I get from so many clients as they walk in the door.  


And how you cope with your feelings of anxiousness in the morning is key because it sets the tone for the rest of the day! 


I'm sure you're wanting to feel more calm, centered and empowered as you start your day!! 


Am I right?? 


And keep reading until the end because the last one is going to surprise you! 


Practice mindfulness right away.  You can take a few moments to notice how you're feeling and any anxious thoughts you have.  And ask yourself, what am I feeling anxious about?  This helps you get a sense of what's bringing up that overwhelm or anxiety.  


2. Limit morning time stressors.  Are you picking up your phone first thing? Try NOT to get on social media, check your emails or take in anything stressful.  What you consume when you start your day is going to impact how you feel.  


3.  Practice gratitude! I know you've heard this one before.  But really, get out a pen and paper and write down three things you're grateful for.  Cultivating this mindset and perspective changes your brain chemistry for the better - it helps you have a more positive mindset and improves your mood! 


4. Eat a nutrient dense breakfast.  Food impacts your mood and your emotional state.  And when you're feeling anxious, your body is depleted of key nutrients so prepare a quick, healthy breakfast for yourself in the morning.  Oh, and glass a nice glass of water too!  


5. Wake up early and don't hit the snooze button! Studies show that early risers are less anxious and less stressed. And, getting right out of bed minimizes the likelihood that you will sit and ruminate in your thoughts.  We don't want you getting stuck there first thing in the morning! 

6. Get Moving. We know movement releases those feel good hormones and gives us a sense of self-achievement- even if its only 5 minutes of stretching. Mindful workouts like Pilates and Yoga are wonderful for reconnecting the body and with enough classes can easily be done at home.


Hope these help! If you have another tip share with us at your next class- you never know who else might need to hear it!!

  • Cianne

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