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HYPOXI BARO-Training; A Global launch, An Australian first.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The first device globally to address measured optimal regeneration, and here in Australia, HEILEN Wellness is the first to offer its benefits.

Regeneration: the key to better rest, performance and overall wellbeing

Anyone who is constantly under stress, permanently damages their health. The result: restlessness, sleep disorders, exhaustion and sometimes even burnout. For some, exercise or sport offers an important balance to the everyday stress. A visit to the gym, a quick jogging session or an intensive tennis match contributes to the notion of being healthy, fit and well-balanced. But are these always the best alternatives? How can we know if a workout has been really beneficial? Or if our body is already at its limits so that any additional workload could lead to a drop in performance or an increased risk of injury?

In recent decades, the findings of exercise science has brought about the development of countless methods and devices for efficient training. Efficient regeneration, however, has so far remained a challenge leaving many unanswered questions. Suitable training devices for regeneration are simply still missing. Modern sports watches and the ever more popular fitness-trackers may be helpful and give a certain indication of the functional state of our body. An exact analysis of actual performance is, however, practically impossible. There is no current method for fast and efficient regeneration, despite this being the crucial factor in sustaining or even increasing performance in training, whether for leisure or competition at elite/professional levels. This gap has now been filled by our very own HYPOXI BARO-Training.

BARO-Training incorporates M.A.F training (Maximum Aerobic Function) protocols, the signature HYPOXI vacuum technology and ECG diagnostics to:

  • Promote blood circulation in support of the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Ensure rapid degradation of toxins and lactate

  • Optimize the sustained oxygen supply to muscles long term, by increasing the capillaries available in muscle tissue

  • Speed up the bodys' ability to breakdown stress hormones

The resulting benefits include:

  • Micro injuries (such as sore muscles from sporting practice) heal faster

  • Increased physical and mental performance, focused and positive thinking, more motivation and restful sleep

  • Rehabilitation time after major injuries is considerably reduced

BARO Training is ideal for high performance athletes, amateur athletes, injured persons, and those stressed by daily life or acute or chronic conditions that leave you flat, exhausted or unmotivated.

It can be performed daily, and there is no dietary restriction or parameter- however note that HYPOXI recommends an anti-inflammatory nutritional protocol, which would aid in the benefits sought from BARO-Training.

It is not recommended for those on beta-blockers or anti-arrhythmic drugs on a regular basis, and those with a pace-maker installed (because meaningful HRV measurement is not possible in these circumstances). It is also not recommended for untreated extremely high or low blood pressure (unless cleared by a doctor)- as training under changing ambient pressure can be harmful.

In the short time the BARO-Trainer was been available here in the studio, we have had case studies report remarkable outcomes- managing restless legs, to improving the functional state of clients with Chronic Fatigue (actually capable of completing a full treatment/training program without wiping them out for days after as has historically been reported), for professional athletes it regenerated their muscles after just one treatment and energised their moods for a calm and focused performance, with no 'usual soreness and aches' post performance and the following day. Keep an eye out for our expanded case studies as we await feedback over time!

Keen to try the latest in regeneration? HEILEN Wellness offers new clients 3 treatments for $49, and complimentary consults with our HYPOXI technicians, to help determine the best approach for you.

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