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Gentle strategies for health and healing

By Elle Brown

Let’s begin with breakfast.

How we begin the day, our routines, our choice to nourish, or where we place our coffee, can really impact how the rest of the day goes and how we feel throughout this.

I do not recommend that women skip breakfast.

I encourage women to try to include a breakfast that contains protein and or some healthy fats (I know digestively sometimes we need to get creative here).

Aim to eat breakfast within 1-2 hours of waking (especially if navigating a stressful period).

Coffee after food, pretty please.

Are we considering cortisol and our stress hormones?

Do you feel tired when waking? Overwhelmed and overstimulated throughout the day? And tired, yet wired at night? It could be that your system is flooding and pumping out adrenaline and cortisol.

Are you including breakfast?

Are you following this with something every few hours? and not leaving big gaps till your next meal.

How many coffees are we consuming each day? And how do we consume them? Following food or on an empty stomach?

Are we getting outside each day? Sunlight in our eyes and on our skin?

Do you get time in nature?

What is your pace like? Is there space for you?

Let’s eat something every few hours – blood sugar is important as a woman in how we feel.

If our blood sugar is unstable; we are too. Big peaks and drops in our blood sugar, will have us feeling similar and all over the place too!

Can we go slower?

Like I say to my clients; go gently.

In protocol, in how you treat your body, in treatments, and what you decide to include. Less is more.

Let’s not bombard the body.

Our body is wise. It knows what to do. Often, we get in the way.

Something that I see a lot of in clinic is women bombarding their bodies with different treatments, different supplements, different practitioners and throwing everything at their health and healing. I take a less is more approach with my clients.

If something doesn’t feel right, we test and explore. We focus on strategic support tools for your body at that specific time and we allow space for healing – lots of rest, play, slow, nature, nourishing food and time to allow the body to do what it is designed to do.

Is there any space, just for you?

Pace, intense schedules, overstimulation, overwhelm, constantly doing, little to no space; does this sounds like you?

Our body, adrenals, stress hormones and nervous system, need time just to ‘be’. We thrive when we have rest, space and slow.

Is there a way that you may be able to create more of this for you?

I talk to my clients about the micro moments within their day where they may be able to find some space for them.

Can you drink your tea warm?

Can you take a little rest or a nap?

Can you ensure you take your lunch break?

Maybe you sit in the sun for a little bit?

Or sit by a beautiful view?

Maybe you choose a sleep in over an exercise routine if you are tired?

Maybe you ask for support with something so that you can take a rest?

Go to nature, every day if you can.

Nature is a nervous system support strategy. For many of us, our nervous systems are lit up. We are at capacity, dysregulated, our bodies tense, in pain and activated. I prescribe nature to all of my clients, even if just for a few minutes a day.

Support. We aren’t meant to do it alone.

Is there someone in your life you feel safe to share with when you need support?

Are there practitioners and support networks that you lean on when needed?

Are you supporting your nervous system and stress response? Do you have supportive tools that you lean on and include for this?

Your nervous system is vast within your body. Interacting with almost every body system, and impacting all of them. It is also like your control centre of your body – storing every event, conversation, illness, surgery, accident, trauma etc.

I recommend nervous system support strategies daily, however that looks like for you.

Gentle ones. That support you and your stress response.

Ask yourself: What are some things on here that I am going to begin doing more of for me?

About Elle: I am a clinical nutritionist and a women’s health practitioner.

I treat women’s bodies, gently. With a passion for gentle, supportive, simple and nourishing approaches to health and healing.


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