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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

So, calorie deficit established, how does HYPOXI help?

Have you ever lost weight before and noticed it comes off your face, breasts, feet or waist first? That the area you want a result in is often the area that changes last? Frustrating, right?!

The reason this occurs is because even with a calorie deficit- the body accesses different energy stores in accordance to what is most easily accessible (read: where circulation is most effectively able to access fat/protein/stored glycogen (carbs)) or efficient to breakdown.

This will differ from body to body- but generally as adults we struggle most between the waist and the knees- where circulation is poor by comparison to other areas like that of the chest, waist (for some), legs (for others).

HYPOXI uses cupping and compression technology to improve circulation into the adipose tissue in those stubborn areas- which means when the body is looking for stored energy, it can more effectively tap into those cells- 3x more effectively in fact than in comparison to conventional training and diets.

Skeptical? The results for this have been proven time and time again through clinical studies (I.E studies not under the influence or sponsorship of HYPOXI).

Or you can check out the comparison of a recent 8 week program below- same dietary guidelines, same weight lost, but note the CM difference- the VIC winner was unable to undertake HYPOXI treatments due to COVID lockdowns, the other winner did.

Both results are AMAZING, however it's important to note here that when it comes to fat loss vs. weight loss, there is a difference. Weight loss is a combination of fluids, bones, muscles, fats, and it measure in literally the number on the scales. This means that when you're shifting kilos- it may not be the type of weight loss your after- it could be muscle loss or holding less fluid, it could be fat loss too.

When it come to measuring for fat loss, CMs are a key measure. Why? Because- take a look at 2 physical kilos of muscle and fat:

Evidently- a body higher in fat but of the same weight as a body higher in muscle will have greater CM circumferences.

So when we lose weight- specifically wanting to target fat loss, we are seeking a reduction in CMs. And you can see from the Before and After photos shown above how HYPOXI helped the client achieve great CM loss (and therefore greater fat loss).

Do you have a weight loss goal? Want to make sure you are losing fat? Come visit the studio and let's map out your plan. Book your complimentary consult session here.

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